Pilots Areas

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning,
Data, Digitalisation & Innovation

These areas have been underscored by The Consumer Goods Forum and E2E Value Chain members that we invite participants and service providers to focus upon in our marketplace.

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Efficiency & Sustainability

Environmental sustainability will be improved through a leaner supply chain and through specific actions (transportation mode, transportation energy, etc.).

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On-Time and In-Full (OTIF)

The industry opportunity is to clearly identify and define all of the current friction points across the shared supply chains and develop ideas on how to resolve them utilising a total system cost approach.

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New technologies have strategic implications on business for retail and manufacturing companies. It is important to analyse how technology can be leveraged to have a transparent and holistic end-to-end view for B2B and B2C.

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Logistics in Smarter Cities

Digital and telecommunication technologies are used to make traditional networks and services more efficient for the benefit of its inhabitants and business.

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Product Data

Make product data exchange between value network business partners, especially CPG and retail, faster, easier, and more efficient.