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September 2022


27th Sept - 1st Oct 2021

WinterComes first event, was hosted in the Catalan city of Sitges(Spain), and has been very successful getting a sold out in the face-to-face tickets.
After this last year, it has been the first face-to-face event of The Consumer Goods Forum and E2E Value Chain.

During the event, different meetings were held such as Coalition Data, Steering Committee and the main event of WinterComes, where the projects were presented in our Store. There were also visits to the city of Sitges and the Torres Wineries.

Agenda at


  • DataPorts

    FRIDAY 1/10 - 12am

    With DataPorts we aim to simplify and automate content integration tasks between value chain partners by virtualising value chain.

  • ENGIE Net Zero

    FRIDAY 1/10 - 11am

    The ENGIE Net Zero Platform Scope 3 application enables the automated, real-time calculation of Scope 3 emissions from existing source system activity data.

  • TradeLens

    FRIDAY 1/10 - 1pm

    TradeLens is an open and neutral industry platform, underpinned by IBM blockchain technology and supported by major players across the global transport and logistics industry.

  • consultingcheck

    FRIDAY 1/10 - 2pm

    consultingcheck is an innovative consulting platform making relevant best-practice management expertise and orientation accessible to business practitioners in an automated dialogue – cost-free and without any barriers.

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The End-To-End Value Chain SpringBoard Events are off-site and/or virtual events, hosted by member companies to provide hands-on experience of new technologies. The aim of these events is to empower decision makers of retail and manufacturer companies who want to enter discussions about he strategic implications of new technologiesfor their business.