First day of WinterComes Meetings

29th September 2021

 The first day of WinterComes was a success, with 100% attendance and an innovative live stream praised by all.

100% of those registered to today’s Product Data Coalition of Action Meeting, coming from nine different countries, were able to attend , in-person. The WinterComes opening meeting was also joined by attendants from all over the world who were able to connect virtually via our live streaming and enjoy this innovative way of event participation: a 360º view via YouTube and a 4k image quality Zoom link.

The meeting began with a short overview of WinterComes by Ruediger Hagedorn, Director, E2E Value Chain, The Consumer Goods Forum. Rudy introduced the event to all attendees and highlighted key agenda points for this week. The meeting then continued with the introduction of all attendees, both in-person and virtual.

The meeting welcomed attendees from companies such as Amazon AWS, Gs1 Global, Spar International, PepsiCo and The Procter and Gamble Company, among others. Attendees were unanimous in mentioning how positive it is to be able to meet in person again, and that it is an invaluable opportunity to meet peers and network.

The different presentations have been divided into three parts:

Part l

– VbG & GDM | Ubiquity & Quality

– CoA Accelerator Status

Part ll

– GTIN Rules Exploration (running)

– VbG KPI Task Force (running),

Part lll

– New Data Carrier (Part 1)

Participation and response to the different topics was very good and a healthy, active debate took place, hosting opinions from different perspectives.

We will be publishing video summaries of all the meetings. For now, if you do not have a seat at WinterComes and would like to join via live streaming, please contact us and we will grant you access.

Sitges, Barcelona 

29th September 2021


Don’t have a seat at WinterComes?

Contact us to access the 360° live streaming.

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