Starting Now… Steering Committee

30th September, 2021

The second day of WinterComes meetings has already started, with some very interesting presentations this morning.

At 8:00 this morning, Barcelona time, the second day of the WinterComes event began with the Steering Committee discussing topics such as Cost Modeling, Excess Packaging, Driver Sortage, Collaboration on Data, CIS Preparation, the second part of New Data Carrier and the presentation of one of our pilot projects in WinterComes DataPorts.

The meeting has been facilitated by Ruediger Hagerdorn, Director, E2E Value Chain, The Consumer Goods Forum, with full attendance, as the Product Data Coalition meeting yesterday.

Virtual participants joined via the 360° live streaming and Zoom, participating in the many debates of the session.

The Steering Committee’s morning session has been divided into two parts, with a break between the two sessions.

During the first part of the morning, participants both virtually and in-person listened to and debated about a few presentations, such as the second part of the New Data Carrier, Cost Modeling and DataPorts, one of the projects that can be found in our online store.



Product content and content quality are key to commerce, and as supply chains accelerate so the impact of errors escalate. When the wrong product is shipped to a consumer because of errors in an online catalogue it costs the consumer, retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer in satisfaction, shipping, restocking, lost sales, and reputation. When content errors occur upstream of the consumer, the impact worsens as multiple parties see losses on entire shipments of products. Bad demand and supply planning drives loss at scale. Content errors have the power to break not just individual transactions but longer-term trust and relationships, anywhere in the value chain.

The industry is asking for more efficient, accurate ways to move product content through the value chain – and the DataPorts project has emerged to address this need.

Sitges, Barcelona 

30th September 2021

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