WinterComes Begins!

29th September 2021

The first edition of WinterComes began yesterday, entirely sold out,and with a Covid-19 safety protocol specifically tailored for the event

WinterComes is an event of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and E2E Value Chain. It is an offline event with a hybrid plug-in that takes place the week of 27th September in Sitges (Barcelona, ​​Spain).

The event hosts a selection of service providers who will share their pilot projects, featured in the WinterComes online store, during the main WinterComes meeting on Thursday. It also holds  a Product Data Coalition of Action Meeting on Wednesday afternoon and a E2E Steering Committee on Thursday morning.

The event will be live streamed for those who have not been able to travel to Sitges, so they can follow all the meetings and sessions. The innovative, interactive, hybrid live streaming  will be achieved via a 360º camera, so that virtual participants can join from anywhere in the world and feel like they are inside the event and follow the sessions as if they were there.

Example of the WinterComes 2021 meeting room.

Health & Safety Protocol

Our priority during WinterComes is the health and safety of our attendees, and as such we developed a specific safety and prevention protocol  against Covid-19.

The protocol has been applied based on the in-person regulation enforced in Catalonia (Spain) by the Generalitat and its Health Department and has been completed with extra measures:

– All attendees must be vaccinated with any of the EMA approved vaccines.

They must wear a mask in closed spaces except restaurants.

Badges are available based on the attendees’ level of comfort with distance measures: red for those who prefer to maintain a larger safety distance during meetings and other activities, and green for those who feel comfortable just respecting the minimum safety distance.

Approved masks, hydro-alcoholic gel and antigen tests will also be provided during the event

Everyone attending WinterComes 2021had to fill out a protocol document prior to the event to ensure their safety preferences were respected.

WinterComes Agenda

Check here to see the WinterComes agenda and all the activities that will take place throughout this week.

Sitges, Barcelona 

29th September 2021

Don’t have a seat at WinterComes?

Contact us to access the 360° live streaming.

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