WinterComes, More Than a Marketplace

30th September 2021

The WinterComes main event started this  afternoon at 1pm, Barcelona time.

Today’s afternoon started with the main event of WinterComes, where some of the pilot projects of our online store were presented.


The day began with the participation of representants from retail and manufacturing companies, as well as the presentations from service providers, giving voice to the pilot projects found in our online store: consultingcheck, Engie Net Zero and TradeLens.


The presentations are a useful tool to provide visibility about the pilot projects to senior executives from some of the most important retail and manufacturing companies, consolidating WinterComes as a great opportunity for high-potential projects that are beginning to come to light.


After the pilot projects presentations, WinterComes will finish the day offering all attendees a visit to one of the best-known wineries in all of Spain, Bodegas Torres. The wine tasting and the farewell dinner will be a great opportunity for attendees to chat and network with their peers.



 consultingcheck is an innovative consulting platform making relevant best-practice management expertise and orientation accessible to business practitioners in an automated dialogue – cost-free and without any barriers. Users get relevant 1st-level support from the application, can benefit from 2nd-level support in personal calls, and are linked to specialised experts for 3rd-level support and implementation.

consultingcheck seeks to contribute to a better business quality and to more business efficiency.


Engie Net Zero

As more and more organisations commit to Net Zero targets, they must understand and tackle the challenge. To address the unique difficulties of baselining, tracking, and reducing Scope 3 emissions, ENGIE and C3 AI developed the ENGIE Net Zero Platform Scope 3: a novel digital tool for continuous, automated calculation and insight identification across Scope 3 categories. By checking their page on the WinterComes online store, participants will get the opportunity to delve into a showcase of the ENGIE Net Zero Platform Scope 3 application, which enables the automated, real-time calculation of Scope 3 emissions from existing source system activity data – unlocking multi-dimensional analyses across plants, product lines, vendors, activities, business units and regions.



TradeLens is an open and neutral industry platform jointly developed by Maersk and IBM and underpinned by blockchain technology. It is supported by major players across the global transport and logistics industry to promote the efficient, transparent and secure exchange of information in order to foster greater collaboration and trust across the global supply chain. The platform brings visibility to your supply chain, it reduces manual tasks, delays and inaccuracy, and it provides a foundation for further innovation.

Sitges, Barcelona 

30th September 2021

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